Drive on Docks & Boat Lifts


We are pleased to offer a variety of options to dry store your boat. We have an inhouse designed locally made Mechanical lifters in 3t and 5t capacities as well as a great range of floating drive on docks to suit all your needs whether it be a Jetski, 12ft tinny or a 50ft Launch we can make it keep it high and dry with minimum effort.



The EZ Dock range of floating docks has evolved over the last 25 years to produce a full roller top dock that is not only safe, nearly maintenance free and visually pleasing. But, easy to opererate, robust and cool under foot. It's non slip surface and biege colour make it nice under foot even on the high summer temperatures. It garanteed to keep all boats 100% dry up to 2250kg with minimal effort. The EZ BoatPort system is flexible in size and is expandable. The EZ BoatPort offers solar or 240v options on the air system to suit all locations. EZ Dock offer a huge range of accesories to compliment your docking system. See the link here or below below for more information. 



img2The Universal JetDock offers a lifetime limited warranty for all it's drive on docks. It has earned a solid reputation around the world. JetDocks can be customised to suit Twin hulls and Pontoon boats, Seaplanes and Trimarans making it a true universal docking system. Every Universal JetDock comes with a winch and quality stainless steel mooring hardware not only winch your boat onto the dock. But it also asssits with winching it off. Aluminium structural supports are also standard on all Unversal JetDocks over 5m in length keeping your dock flat and making it easier to operate. JetDock offer many accesories such us boarding steps and ladders for accessing your dock or boat.



ACRdock is a robust modular docking system that is grey in colour and offers the unique vee cube keel runner design. The vee cube locates the boat keeping it straight when docking. ACRdock has many accesories for all types of application from timber tops to jetty mooring. The ACRdock is popular for the budget minded boat owner and proves great value with it's 3 year warranty and flexiblity in design.