Boatlifter Refurbishment

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  • 4 Pole lifter Magnum rusted out and dangerous
  • 4 Pole lifter Magnum completely renewed. New beams, guide poles and lifting components
  • 2 post Magnum 3t lifter rusted out
  • 2 post 3t Magnum lifter cvomplete renewed new lifting arms and carriages. New ropes and serviced as well
  • 10000# Hi Tide lifter rusted out
  • 10000# Hi Tide Lifter complete. New steel frame, bunks and ropes
  • 10000# Golden Boatlift completely rebuilt with new beams, stainless ropes and timber bunks
  • 1250kg Magnum refurbished with new lifting arms and carriages. Reused customers bunks and access component
  • New 3000kg lifting arms and carriages fitted to take customers new twin hull boat