Floating Work Platforms - Floating Dock

Floating Work Platforms - Floating Dock

We offer a solution for all your work platform needs. Whether it be for hire or purchase, we can design and package, or deliver to your location. We can provide any size platform and hire duration to suit your project. We can also supply solid hand rail systems to facilitate a safe work environment.   See more photos here

Our work platforms can support loads up to 350kg per square metre and the top surface is designed to be antislip. They assemble and dissassemble quickly and easily. They are extremely robust and flexible when assembling, enabling them to fit to the terrain.

We have designed work platforms for:  

Pedestrian walkways

Mine site tailing dams and ponds

Floating pump platforms

Drilling rigs floating in water bodies

Sandblasting and cleaning

Working around piles at port facilities

Internal tank and vessel repairs